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"My son, Sora. He is so cheery and always ready to do anything. I adopted him for my own and we have been rather close ever since. He was quite happy when he became part of the big family I am already in. I love him just like I love the rest of my family

"My other son, Hanbei, I adopted. He likes to nuzzle me a lot, and it feels nice whenever he does :aww:. He is a bit more reserved than Sora is, but he is still always as happy as ever. I love him just like the rest of my family.

"My big brother, Axel! He is my first sibling ever. He adopted me as his sister around a month ago. He makes fun of me sometimes (He keeps calling me a 13 year old X3 ), but he do it just to make me laugh and lightened the mood, though. We care for each other very much. He is my family, and I love him.


"Sebastian...Please promise me you will never leave me. Please promise to love me just as I love you. Please promise not break my heart and hurt me like those other men I have told you about in my past. I do not know what I would do without you if you left me alone in this world. You are the best decision I have made; do not let me regret that. I love you...very much."


"I always knew you would love me no matter what, and I have openly accepted your feelings for me. You are one of the people I have known the longest so you know me very well. I thought we would never see eachother again after you left for those two years, but I am glad you are back.

:bulletred:BEST FRIENDS:bulletred:

"You are like big brother to me. You are, in actuality, one of the closest people to me in the world and the only male in my life I would ever trust with my life. You have proven that many times and you are one of my best dear friends. You are the only male I know who is literally different and good from the rest, unlike most of them.

"Clearly, you are my polar opposite, which is why we get along so well and are also one of my best and closest friends to date. We have known eachother ever since I first came to Earth and you have been like the sister I never had. You are always there for me when I need you."

"Ever since we met in Southtown that day, we have been friends since and I also consider you like my long lost sister (In fact, I consider the entire group like my sisters). You are also there for me when I need you most, and you never hesitate to jump in for me when needed since you are so protective, and I love you dearly for it."

"Although I have not seen you in a while, you always put your family and friends first before yourself and anything else. You are there for me just like the others are. I just wish you were around more."

"Princess of Carnation Kingdom. We are similar in many ways, despite how shy you are and you only speak when you truly need to be heard. But you never missed your chance to speak up for me or anyone else. You are a very sweet woman to everyone."

"You are such a funny mage :aww: I usually go to you if I need some questions answered, and you are a good friend to me as well.

"Princess of the Twilight Realm. We had some very interesting times together so far ^^;. You are like a teacher to me who helped me in the major things I needed with in life. You were even there when I gave birth to my daughter :happycry: You are one of my closest friends as well."

"Princess of Altea. I enjoy being around you, although due to how busy we are, we hardly make too much contact. I want you to be my big sister (even though I am actually older than you are) because of the advice you give me that no one else ever can. We should spend more time with eachother soon. You are very friendly and nice woman that I would love to spend time with. "

"Princess of Hyrule, obviously :aww: I have not seen you in a while, though. We usually spent a lot of time together with Midna."


 photo AmakawaSerena600417106.jpg

:bulletpink: APPEARANCE :bulletpink:

Crendessa stands 5"7" with a voluptuous and curvaceous body -- due to her being thick in certain parts of her body [thighs and rear-end], she is almost mistakenly called 'fat' by some people, although in reality, it is what makes her increasingly attractive. She has long flowing pink hair that falls down to the middle of her thighs. She is famously noticed by her big innocent beautiful eyes that are the color of Amethysts and her 45 DD cups, almost every man's favorite feature on her [if not that, her entire attractive body]. She has fair skin and a heart-shaped head with pinchable cheeks, and small full lips that are always pink. Crendessa is mostly seen wearing a long white gown with a long slit down the train with two straps that appears to be combining it,a diamond-shaped cutout in the bust area, and always carried around her treasured yellow stole, along with usually walking barefoot with two golden anklets on each leg. When in the presence of her father and other noble family members, she wears a long white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, pink silken sleeves and off the shoulder straps, a white crown made out of melted pearls with a pink tourmaline diamond in the center, white hoop earrings, a white choker with a pink diamond, and white shiny stilettos with pink diamonds.


As one would expect from an angel, Crendessa is soft-spoken, inherently kind, sweet, naive, playful, and refined. But, she also comes off as clumsy, and due to her naive nature -- which many people still find rather adorable about her -- has gotten her in danger many times to where she had to be rescued. Due to how mentally sensitive she can be, she tends to cry a lot, especially since she is exposed to things that she normally wouldn't see that would frighten her, or if she is under pressure. Although she has been on Earth for a year now, she still has a lot to learn about the world due to being sheltered at home in the Mitsukai World, thus making her lack a lot of knowledge on the simpler things she's supposed to known in life. This also boosts her already curious nature.

 photo hauptbildchencjzri9doyg-1_zps28411898.jpg


Ask-Crendessa's Profile Picture
Crendessa Hazelrink
United States

Crendessa Hazelrink

Angel of Light


:bulletpink:Date of Birth:bulletpink:
March 27th,

:bulletpink:Place of Birth:bulletpink:
Mitsukai World

5' 7" (173 cm)

:bulletpink:Blood Type:bulletpink:

Business Owner [Bakery and Restaraunt], Princess of Bowerstone


:bulletpink:ABOUT CRENDESSA :bulletpink:

Crendessa is a gorgeous young woman from the Mitsukai World -- a place that consists of only beautiful female angels. Out of all elemental angels, she is the rarest element of them all -- Light, which gives her many special abilities. Having been raised around women and being sheltered in her world, she had no knowledge nor experience of the outside world, which her adoptive mother Parisa said 'had all the answers'. Finally deciding to leave to be on her own, the moment she touched down on Earth marked the beginning of her journey, and her life. Upon arriving on Earth, she meets various types of interesting people, but the ones who interested her the most were the opposite sex -- the men. She went on many journeys to anywhere that caught her interest -- moutains, caves, other regions, etc. She even went treasure hunting in the process. She then found a small cottage in dead-end forest of Greatwood in continues to reside there to this day, unless she is at the castle with her father. Over the months as she was being taught about the world by her new friends, she had experiences that ranged from good, bad, interesting, and depressing. During her life there, she learns that she had birth father she never knew about named Damien Hazelrink, who is the King of Bowerstone, also meaning that she is the kingdom's princess. And also at one point, she used the Impregnating Semen [Artificial Insemination] and gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Seraphina Hazelrink. With her passion for baking sweets, Crendessa used the treasure she gained from hunting and opened up a bakery simply named "Angel Bakery" in Hyrule. Later on, she opened up an exotic 5 star restaurant named "Platinum" far in a more modern area, from which she makes a lot of money on both throbbing businesses. To this day, she is still managing her busy life as a business woman, a mother, and a princess.

Guys, please look at this link. A friendly bird linked me this, and this is what I see...…

Apparently, this person runs a blog where he/she "critiques" OCs and talks shit about how bad they are created and how to make better ones.

...This person called Crendessa a Troll and deliberately bashed my character. Are you FUCKING kidding me right now? Whoever this person is on tumblr...really, really REALLY needs to shut the fuck up right now. I am THIS damn close to cussing whomever that person is the fuck out. Those who know me KNOWS HOW I GET WHEN I'M ANGRY!! I mean, did they think I wasn't gonna find this shit out?!

And then the dissing continues on the person's homepage, saying that 45 DD cup isn't a real cup size....*sighs*


A person on that homepage even sent an Anon message on the homepage PRETENDING TO BE ME! And then to make it worse, some JACKASS copied, pasted, and SUBMITTED Crendessa's entire background that I wrote (on the profile page!) to this person on Tumblr (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION), and this is what happens!

The background I made on the profile page is 2 YEARS OLD! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I haven't even updated that shit in forever, nor do I intend to!

Look guys, not everyone is good at making OC's, WE GET IT! Not everyone is going to be perfect. Hell even I wasn't too good at developing Crendessa when I started out, and it took time and experience for me to make her better the way I want her to be.

But THAT...THAT was just too damn far! I can't fucking believe there is a BLOG on tumblr that's deticated to talking about OCs like this. I don't give a damn if anyone doesn't like OCs or MY OC, but I don't need some motherfucker critiquing or giving their two cents on my character as if their some goddamn expert on how to make better characters! Whoever the person was didn't even SOUND like they were serious about it -- its like they were just spitting our dramatically random negative shit to say about Crendessa (And other people's OCs, too! ). This person has NO FUCKING RIGHT to bash anyone's character like this.

Oh my GOD. I just...I need to go lie down....
  • Listening to: Anamanaguchi


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